Cables and Cords

DIATEX offers a range of cables, greenhouse cables, mooring lines, slings and links for all your needs.

Cables and Cords
Câble inox/acier Stainless steel / steel cable

Coated steel / stainless steel cable

Ref. Length Diameter and quality
AACABLAC On request / Min. 25 lm Please consult us
Serre-câble Greenhouse cable

Greenhouse cable stirrup. Various models.

Ref. Material Pack
AASERCAB Stainless steel or steel Pack x 50 or 100 pcs
Amarre Mooring line

Screw from below.

Ref. Rod diam. Disc diam. Length Unit weight
AAANCR160/250-150 16 mm 200 mm 125 cm (pulley not incl.) / 150 cm 3.5 kg
Elingues Sling 6.19

Pre-formed lifting accessory with round turn knot.

Ref. Length
AAZLING6-19/600 6 m flexible
Rilsan Anti-UV RILSAN links

For linking nets with holes to support threads/wires.

Ref. Dimensions Pack
AARILSAN 4.8 x 200 mm Pack x 100 pcs
Cables Cable for windbreak nets

Highly recommended if in direct contact with canvasses (low friction coefficient).
Do not cut. Coulour : Black. Anti-UV treated.

Ref. Reel length Cable diam. Resistance
AAFILBA5-250N 250 ml 5.00 mm > 580 kg
AAFILBA5.00 480 ml 5.00 mm > 580 kg
AAFILPAN2-1700BL 1700 ml 1.80 mm 240 kg
AAFILPAN3-0200BL 200 ml 2.60 mm 320 kg
AAFILPAN3-0200N 200 ml 2.60 mm 320 kg
AAFILPAN3-1300BL 1300 ml 2.60 mm 320 kg
AAFILPAN3-2600N 2600 ml 2.60 mm 320 kg