Electric fence for snail farms

The HELICINET PLUS is a knitted net in high density polyethylene monofilament treated anti-UV, green in color with a mesh of 3 x 2 mm.

It has an electrical tape (4 stainless steel conductive strips) sewn 5 cm from the upper edge of the net by double stitching to keep the snails inside the park.
This rot-proof net also resists bad weather.
We can produce products adapted to your constraints (for example sewing on canvas above ground, separation net, etc.).

The duration of use of the HELICINET PLUS is 5 to 7 years depending on weather conditions and the care taken.
It has buttonholes on a selvedge allowing quick attachment to stakes.

Shade coefficient
Weave Woven
Mesh opening
3 x 2 mm
Material/Color PE/Green
Width 75 cm
Lenght 100 m
Weight 100 gr/m²