Weed control sheets

The HS130 mulching sheets are 100% polypropylene, anti-UV treated, woven fabric. They are permeable to water and air, preventing water puddles and soil asphyxia and limiting evaporation. They are highly tear- and trample-resistant.

For all your landscaped areas and vegetables patches, inside greenhouses or outside, they keep crop areas clean and healthy and limit the growth of self-propagating plants.

Weed control sheet reduce the need for herbicides as, in addition to their use as mulching sheets, they also control weed growth by blocking  sunlight: self-propagating plants germinating underneath the soil are destroyed by the absence of light. Once the cover has been removed,  seedlings can be placed directly into the bed and the sheet reused to obtain a more uniform emergence.

Ref. Colour Finishes Small


Width Length Weight
HS130 Green Green check 15 x 15 cm 4.20*** | 5.25*** lm 100 m 130 g/m²
Black 52 – 65 – 70 – 82 cm 1.05 | 1.31 |1.65 | 2.10

| 3.30***  | 4.20*** | 5.25*** lm

White 1.05° | 4.20** | 5.25** lm

**Also available in 25 m length.  ***Delivered folded in half.  °500 m roll.