Peel plies

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DIATEX developed a complete range of peel plies : from 50 to 185 gr/m², dyed or undyed, with stripes, polyamide or polyester, bands or full width. PA85 is the standard quality, taffetas weave, white with stripes. Those fabrics are used to impart a textured surface to the moulded component to improve adhesion in secondary bonding or painting. We are able to manufacture your own peel ply with specific characteristics.

All our peel plies are treated in order to avoid bringing any pollutant (such as silicones) in the finished product. We control their porosity to guarantee the repetitiveness of the infusion process.

To respond to the requirements of the EN9100 standard, DIATEX secures your productions with its unique automatic FOD (foreign object debris) tracking system. DIATEX inspects all its technical peel plies made for composite structural bonding with this new machine. We are using AI (artificial intelligence) to scan our fabric, detect and classify FODs. Upon request, we can deliver a full report of this scan (cartography) including pictures of accepted and non-accepted FODs.

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