Water-based release agents

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Water-based Solvent-free – Nonflammable

Product Temp. Cans Use Characteristics
WaterClean™ 4L Cleaner Washes surfaces by removing all contaminating products and most of old release agents.
Cleaner 10W 4,5 kg Cleaner Easy to use and odorless. As effective as a solvent, it effectively removes waxes, oils, greases and other contaminants.
MPP1006W™ 3.78 L Sealer Tool preparation repair (before tool surface conditioner)
Sealer 1028W ™ 260°C 3.78 L Tool surface conditioner Tool surface conditioner | protection
WaterShield™ 375°C 4L Release agent High-end versatile release agent for epoxy, phenolic, polyester, polyamid, polybismaleimid and PU resins, various rubbers and elastomers.
EnviroShield™ 375°C 4L Release agent Same characteristics as WATERSHIELD™ but less slippery.
2191 W ™ 350°C 5L Release agent Epoxy preg | RTM matt look
1070W ™ 350°C 3.78L Release agent Epoxy | Prepreg