Sealant tapes

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DIATEX provides preformed sealants for the production of flexible seals. Sealant tapes are used to form a seal between the vacuum bagging film and the mould tool surface. Easy to implement. Removal without leaving residues.

Compatible with most vacuum films and resins. Very good chemical resistance. Contact us for sealant tapes to be used up to 400°C.

Ref. Rolls/box Max Temp. Oven Autoclave Vacuum Infusion
LSM6000 22 90°C
LSM3000 FLEX 8 90°C
LSM1310 22 110°C
LSM4000 30 140°C
LSM4200 22 140°C
SM5127 40 205°C
LSM7000 22 210°C
LSM7000 22 230°C
SM5126 32 232°C
SM5160 24 399°C