Infutac green – Canister


Adhesice spray  for the assembly of dry reinforcements and vacuum devices in vacuum infusion and RTM processes.


La colle INFUTAC, destinée au procédé d’infusion sous vide, assure l’adhésion parfaite des renforts lors du moulage. La colle n’a pas d’influence sur l’état de surface et l’intégrité structurelle.

INFUTAC adhesive, made for vacuum infusion process, ensures a perfect tack of the reinforcements during the molding. The glue does not interfere on the surface quality and structural integrity.

Advantages :

• Holding of hybrid materials
• Optimal adhesion during the molding
• Low drying shrinkage
• Exact application thanks to ultrafi ne spraying and green tracer
• High instantaneous adhesion

Toluene free

Volume : Canister 22 L

Nb/box : 12

Nb/palet : 36

Available quantities :

Infutact Clear (spray 500ml)

Infutac Green (spray 500ml)

Ancillaries :

  • Pipes
  • Gun
  • Valve