Polyolefin HM release film

Release film belonging to the polyolefin family, copolymer of polypropylene.

The perforated release film allows bleeding gasses and excess of resins and can be also used for high temperature infusion process (P1).

This release film does not contaminate the composite.

  • Recommended for the vacuum molding (P3) or infusion technology (P1) with polyester or epoxy resins.
  • Release film with all resins and elastomers.
Width Length Thickness Temp. max Elongation
NP 1.45 m 200 m 50 µ 125°C 300%

NP = Non perforated / P1 = Large perforation / P0 = Small perforation

NP version
P1 version
Vacuum Infusion
P3 version
Vacuum Infusion