High temperature fluoropolymer release film

Release film belonging to the fluoropolymer family.

Fluoropolymer film is manufactured from a copolymer of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene resin. This release film does not contaminate the composite.

  • NP – P3 : Recommended for vacuum moulding of prepregs in autoclave processes.
  • P1 : Recommended for the high temperature vacuum infusion process (mono-component resins).
  • High elongation.
  • Excellent heat stability.

Colors : Blue or Red

Width Lenght Strenght Max. temp. Strenching
1.50 m 150 m 15 µ
20 µ
230°C 350%

NP = Non perforated / P1 = Large perforation / P3 = Small perforation

NP version
P1 version
Vacuum infusion
P3 version