Micro-porous pouch for Vacpuc

Micro-porous pouch

The use of Micro-Porous Pouches provides optimum protection for Vacpucs while guaranteeing perfect readability.

Instructions for folding Vacpuc Pouch

  • Take 1x VacPuc Pouch (membrane on inside, stripes on outside)
  • Apply mastic sealant tape to 3 edges
  • Place VacPuc inside
  • Fold over and seal tightly
  • After use cut to remove VacPuc and dispose of pouch

Benefits :

  • Optimal protection of VacPucs
  • Air permeable but not resin permeable.
  • Guarantee of perfect resading


More detail about VacPuc HERE


Micro-porous pouch for VacPuc marketed by Diatex