PA205 HF

Embossed nylon bagging film

Embossed polyamide & High Flow bagging film.

The structure allows a good resin or air flow. PA205HF is available in 2 designs : Rollers and Roots. PA205HF replaces both net bleeder and breather.

PA205 HF is a carved bagging film for the vacuum moulding of composite parts.

Its 3D structure provides a perfect vacuum compacting and allows to take out the bleeder for compaction or vacuum moulding combinated to our Microporous peel ply.

PA205 HF is a green bagging film as it enables using less peripheral device.

  • Recommended for advanced composite manufactured under vacuum moulding.
  • Excellent heat stability.
  • Styrene resistant film.

Color : Transparent

Width Lenght Thickness Max Temp
1.60 m 125 m 75 µ | 430 µ (rollers) | 350 µ (roots) 205°C