High temperature release film

Belonging to the family of fluorinated polymers, this PTFE film is used as a release film for extremely high temperature vacuum bagging applications.
It adds a glossy surface finish to the part. It can be applied in direct contact with the resin.

  • High elasticity : may be used on highly developed parts.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be used only once.
  • Releaseable with all types of resins.
  • Does not contaminate resins.
  • Very good thermal stability.

This film has a remarkable demoulding capacity and allows parts to obtain a glossy appearance.
It is recommended for thermoplastic and thermoset applications.

Material Colour Thickness Weight Max. operating
PTFE Red 25 µ 54 g/m² 315°C Roll
Perforation Aspect Length Standard width Elongation at rupture
Resistance to rupture
No Glossy surfaces 153 m 1,22 m MD TD MD TD
400 % 400 %
NP version