RVE 136/220

Glass tapes

Glass tapes combine woven glass bleeder and breather fabric, recommended for high pressure and temperature cures. It provides an air channel and enables venting throughout the cure cycle to avoid porosity in the laminate. Due to its specific construction, this fiberglass tape offers a good flexibility and avoid risk of perforation of the bagging film.

  • Fiberglass tapes are easy to cut and set up in the periphery of the tooling.
  • Excellent airflow (due to the porosity).
  • Fire-retardant products.
  • Suitable for use in high temperature cycles (700°C).
Width* Lenght Temp max Pressure Weight
50 | 100 | 150 | 300 mm 100 m 700°C 15 bars 220 g/m²

Color : White (glass aspect)
*Other widths under request